Sunday, January 11, 2009

Esty Shop Make-over Chronicles Day 2

The dreaded light box...

OK so right now my light box looks like a two year old kid made it. It has served a purpose for the past month, but I do need to make some improvements. I have purchased some white bristol board, which I am going to use as a background as I am thinking of repaces the white fabric that I using right now with some white tissue paper. I am also looking for some better lights to use. I currently am using a 100 w bulb, but would prefer to find a better light (goose neck desk lamp) so that I can get something to be right in the middle of the top of the box. I am going to work on this tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to start taking some wonderful photos very soon!

This the tutorial I used to make my light box in the first place....
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