Saturday, January 10, 2009

Esty Shop Make-over Chronicles Day 1

OK- well yesterday was my 1 year Etsy Anniversary and although I am thrilled with my 49 sales and 300 + hearts, I really did want to make some major improvements to the look and feel of my shop. I have great success selling my products at craft fairs and I felt that my shop was not doing my products justice. So I stepped in the the Etsy Virtual Labs for a Critique of my shop- and one thing you have to know about me is that I am very sensitive to critisism, so this was huge for me. I have so say it wasn't that bad- thanks so much Daniellexo for your great critiques and the rest of the etsy sellers who were in the lab helping me out. I think the major points that I got out of the lab were:
1. Pictures- I need to be consistent, make better use of my camera settings (macro), use my lightbox more effectively and choose good backgrounds
2. Tags- use all 14 and make sure you use good key words (being a Canadian, I also need to recognize that we spell some words differently so I have to consider that as well i.e. colorful vs. colourful)
3. Shop Announcement- Keep it short and direct people to your policies if you have more to say. You need to see some items in that opening shop page or people will navigate away.

Check out the esty shop make-over article for some great ideas!!

So yesterday I decided to set out a plan of action:
1. Get myself set up and organized to put this plan in motion. This means I need to go out and get a new light for my light box, bristol board to use as a backing and figure out what props I need for my pictures
2. start re-taking photos and playing with picasa
3. look over my product descriptions and add/subtract text, ensure spelling is correct
4. tags!!!!
5. invest in a new banner and avatar (I have been planning on doing this for a while, because I want to develop a consistent brand)

My goal is to have this complete by Friday, January 16th and I want as much help as I can get, so I am engaging the etsy army. I encourage people to check out my shop and let me know what I can do to improve the look and feel- be gentle!!!
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