Monday, January 26, 2009

Continuing Coffee Cup Saga

Well I thought it would be good to update everyone on my coffee cup saga. I AM DONE ALL OF THE SLEEVES!! Yes I have 220 coffee cup sleeves done (223 to be exact)!!! I finished them up Saturday evening and I felt very triumphant!! I worked my butt off to get them done, so that I could spend Sunday working on the labels- not that was work!! I have to cut, print and then cut again all of the labels. I am using file folders as the paper for the labels, because it is durable, the colour and texture I wanted and it is made out of 75% post-consumer waste. So before I could run them through the printer I had to cut them all, and then because they were so think, I basically had to hand feed them through my printer and then I had to go back and cut them out... I worked on them all day on Sunday and I have 169 cut, so I am almost there! I will then have to punch holes in them and attach them to the sleeves- that will probably take me to Tuesday night and then hopefully I can get them couriered out on Wednesday or Thursday. I am so happy that everything is working out!!!

The boxes with all of the sleeves!!

The labels in progress!! I will get there eventually...


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Stef Stewart said...

omg that is so awesome! I had to make an order of 8 dolls (which take about 6 hours EACH) so I can only imagine you having to make all of these up and everything. I would have went crazy with all the little details here and there! :D How many sweaters did it take you to make that many?



I can't even begin to think of how many sweaters I needed- all I know is that I can't get into my sewing room right now! You have to climb over piles and piles of sweater to get to the laundry hamper!

I am almost done and I am x-ing my fingers that I can get them all labeled tonight and shipped for sure by friday!!