Saturday, August 23, 2008

Craft Show Tales

So, last night I diligently did a practice set up for the craft show that I attended today. I was pretty pleased with with what I came up with considering that I only registered for it this week and did not have that much time to prepare. As I was setting up last night I quickly found out that despite the fact that I thought I didn't have enough merchandise to go to the show with, I surprisingly found out that not only did I have enough, but that I needed additional table room. I figured there wouldn't be a problem if I added a couple of tv tables to the mix and used them for a stand for my bags. It looked good, and provided a bit of variety.

Well.... that was not how things turned out...

I got to the craft show and low and behold, the tent that I was to be located in was over booked and I had to squeeze everything into the space that my table took- only 4 ft!!! I stole a bit of space with the chair I put next to the table- but holy moly- they didn't leave us much room!!

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w said...

i love to see how folks set up their spaces at craft fairs. that's where a lot of creativity come in... :)

glad the day went well for you despite the tiny space.