Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Craft Room

This is my glorious craft room! I am feeling super closed in, but this is all the space I have. I would love to take over another room in the house, but that won't be happening anytime soon!! I need some solutions for my storage issues- it drives me nuts to have everything overflowing, and my closet doors (which you don't see!!) won't close half the time. (check out my Care Bears- they were both given to me as gifts in the past couple of years- they watch over me!!)
I want to start getting things up on my wall to inspire me, but I am thinking that it might just add to the chaos.


Tizzalicious said...

I'd kill for a room like that! It's bigger than our livingroom, which also functions as craft room!


OK- maybe I am pretty fortunate, but I just need to get my act together and get better organized- storage is the key!!!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

My space is quite limited also.More messy than yours but the key is being able to find what is needed when you want it....I can manage that.